Membership The lifeblood of a coalition is its members. The Membership committee is one of a coalition’s most important assets because it increases member recruitment, cultivates member engagement and improves member retention. This committee will oversee the recruitment, orientation, service, engagement and retention of members. This includes maintaining and updating the member directory and committee lists, define & communicate member benefits, and to implement activities to improve member engagement and satisfaction.
Outreach & Events Promote healthy living and provide health education, screenings, demonstrations and other resources to motivate people to make positive health behavior changes. This committee will organize Diabetes Week screening activities throughout the county; organize events and opportunities for coalition involvement in community, such as health fairs, etc.
Data & Resources Assist in the collection, analysis and interpretation of various data sources. Evaluate programs and activities of the Diabetes Coalition through the measurement and management of outcomes. Ensuring Data integrity and the implementation of performance measures for Diabetes Week, and other activities: the accuracy and consistency of data collected and measured.  This committee will manage data entry, analysis, report, and presentation of screening results.
Education & Scholarships Train diabetes professionals on proper prevention, care and treatment of individuals with diabetes and prediabetes. Organize events that inform and educate diabetes professionals. Serve as a comprehensive health education and promotion resource for diabetes professionals. Manage the DC scholarship program offering scholarships for diabetes related education, market the scholarship to members. Revise criteria as needed. Review scholarship applications/ submit to board for approval. Assist with the planning of educational events.
Resource Development Plan and oversee the development and implementation of diverse revenue-generating activities to provide financial support for the coalition. To secure and solicit funding and sponsorships for the coalition activities and management.   Grant writing and reviewing.
Policy & Advocacy People living with diabetes face daily challenges coping with the devastating disease. These challenges go well beyond just health challenges and can include school or workplace discrimination, poor insurance coverage and countless other challenges.  Regrettably, local residents living with diabetes do not have a central voice representing them and their issues. The Diabetes Coalition will be that voice for people living and working in Palm Beach County as advocates.  This committee will educate and inform the public, legislators, policymakers and key decision makers about legislation, public policies and initiatives that relate to diabetes prevention and care.
Governance & Bylaws Oversee and/or manage the identification, recruitment, nomination, orientation, training and education, recognition and self-assessment of board members. Review and propose revision, when needed, of bylaws. Conduct voting at annual meeting.
 Volunteer Management  Volunteers are a vital resource for most coalitions. In fact, the Diabetes Coalition would not be able to accomplish its mission without the service of volunteers. A volunteer management program is essential to effectively coordinate these volunteers. The Diabetes Coalition will develop and implement a volunteer management program to guide the coalition’s recruitment, screening, orientation, training, supervision, recognition, reward and assessment of its volunteers..  This committee will recruit and manage a capable and motivated volunteer force.